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Why did Hitler (a national socialist) support Franco instead of the Republicans (who were more supportive of socialism)?

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    Franco (an actual card carrying fascist) actually resisted Hitler and didn't allow him to invade like Spain like Mussolini allowed him to invade Italy (also a card carrying European Fascist).   Fascism and National Socialism weren't actually interchangeable terms.  The fact is that National Socialism as Hitler practiced it and Soviet Socialism as Stalin practiced it, were far closer to one another than either were to their fascist cousins. 

    The Marxist lie that Nazism and Communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum doesn't stand up.  Don't get me wrong, all forms of socialism are bad (yes, historically actual fascism was a form of socialism not its opposite) but let's drop the BS.

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    Because Fascism is a right wing ideology and Socialism is a left-wing ideology.

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    I bet you believe that North Korea is democratic because its official name is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

    Anyone who gives a moment's consideration of this Nazi = socialist bullshit is an idiot. And probably a Trump voter. It is Goebbel's Big Lie writ large.

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    Because Hitler and the Nazis weren't socialists.  They were fascists.  Franco was a fascist, or at least semi fascist.  So they supported him.

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    Why do you think that National Socialism had anything to do with Socialism? To all intents you can ignore the Socialism and concentrate on the Nationalism.

    Just because a person adopts a label it does not mean they ARE that label.

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    National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism is the ... By the early 1920s the party was renamed the National Socialist German ..... German business leaders disliked Nazi ideology but came to support Hitler, because they saw the Nazis as a useful ally to promote their interests.

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    Why do the Germans still get flak about that when Italy was walking hand in hand with Hitler?

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    Hitler supported American industrialists like Ford

    Hitler welcomed the help of American industrialists to supply oil, vehicles, and computers to support the German war effort

    For example, IBM provided computers the the Nazis for use in the concentration camps to keep track of prisoners

    Henry Ford received an award from Hitler for being an anti Semite 

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