Why would a man ever get Married in this day and age?

Back in decades past, there was something to be said about marriage. Not anymore. 

It’s way to easy for women to initiate the divorce and most do, generally 70-80% of women ready to divorce; throw their husbands to the curb. When this happens, it’s often super negative to the man, paying dearly for his family he is limited to not being able to see anymore. There is some hope with coparenting that he at least gets the opportunity to see his kids more. But it’s not uncommon for a divorced man to commit suicide sometime after the divorce, usually one to three years out. It’s definitely a very risky to get married

With one out of two ending in divorce. 

And for the guys who do get married find that most have poor to bad sex lives thereafter. The wife before married is very sexual. After getting married is much different. 

With all the free and easy sex for singles, with the overwhelming possibly of a costly divorce that he can’t control, why would a man get married these days? It’s not his grandfather’s marriage back in the day. It’s more like self induced slavery. 

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    9 months ago
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    A man gets married to make the commitment to a woman. When so many women end up filing for divorce, it shows that the majority of men stop working on the relationship & stop listening to the woman. The marriages that work are for people who realize it takes work to make a marriage work, most people nowadays are not willing to do the work needed.

  • 9 months ago

    To provide a stable family environment to raise children.

    That's the joke about same sex "marriage".

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    Quincy you sound very unhappy.  Statistically men are happier married.  Women can go either way.  The evidence is simple to find; men live longer and healthier lives when they are married.  For women it makes no difference.

    Yes it is easier to divorce now but back in the day there were plenty of miserable marriages out there.  My father in law openly cheated on his wife for almost their entire marriage and she felt she could do nothing as divorce was a sign of failure.  Sometimes women got sufficiently desperate that they would add 'something' to his food and that would be the end of him.  Women were sometimes institutionalised for life by a husband who wanted his freedom.  All it took was two doctors to declare her mad.  Women without fathers or brothers were especially vulnerable.

    There is more honesty today but there have always and will always be plenty of selfish people who get married.  They marry and then make no further effort.  Unless you work on it, the romance in a marriage will wither and die.  Being a team means doing stuff together.  It means giving up things your partner does not enjoy and replacing them with things you both enjoy.  It means listening to complaints and addressing them.  Above all it means being respectful of one another so that you are one another's best friend. 

    Then you can start a family in the knowledge that it has the best possible chance of surviving.  My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  They have so many grandchildren that they have lost count.  You could not wish for more. 

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    9 months ago

    I personally don't think the issue is with marriage per se. It's more the fact that people rush into marriage thinking it's that they're supposed to do. Many people are happily married for their lives. When you find the right person, marriage isn't even that important.

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  • 9 months ago

    Marriage is about the enslavement of women by men. Therefore it shouldn't exist. As for gay marriage, that makes absolutely zero sense because who's supposed to be the slave in that situation?

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