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I get along well with a coworker, but another coworker has stopped speaking to us?

I have been in my role now for 4 years; the others about 10 years.

A new person started around 8 months ago. We really click and we will have very short conversations throughout the day (about two 3 minute ones). Thing is, this other co-worker (Cathy*) now won't speak to us and we don't know why. Our boss hasn't complained to us, so doubt if we've done anything wrong for a few minutes of conversation each day. Any ideas what to do? We're sick of trying with her. Now Cathy has gotten Ann* on her side and even she doesn't talk to us now.


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    Don't get involved in office politics.  Just do your job and keep your conversations to a minimum.

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    4 weeks ago

    She's a grouch. Of course you can talk to people through the day.

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