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Dark tint on car windows is illegal in my state...  But i dont think fog on the windows is...  What device can i buy to have my windows fogy?

i would want my side and rear windows fogged.  I assume i can put some fog be gone on the front window

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    When glass windows were invented it was acclaimed as a major advance as you could now protect yourself from the weather whilst aslo seeing what was outside.

    The main selling point is you can see clearly through them.

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    You assume incorrectly. 

    It’s an offense to drive if you cannot see clearly through the windows. 

    Although there are specific laws regarding degrees of tinting and on which windows they may be applied and what areas must be left clear, it is still illegal to drive if the windows are covered in snow, dirt or condensation to the extent that you cannot clearly see all round.

    Does your vanity really take precedence over the safety of all road users?

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    1986 was marked by both advances and setbacks. Technology advances helped the Soviet Union launch the Mir Space Station and had the UK and France building the Chunnel. Sadly, it also saw the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and the explosion of one of the nuclear reactors at Chernobyl.

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    Don't do anything illegal in your car and you won't have to worry about foggy windows!

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    Why the hell would anyone want foggy windows? You need to be able to see out!

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