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Can bipolar disorder cause hallucinations that can be treated?

Now my mother was given information because the psychiatrist would not tell me and she will not tell me what they said in hopes it would go away. Before I first hospitalized on bipolar I was going on spontaneous trips and disappearing from my family eventually I started seeing things that were not there and believing unreal things. I went to the mental hospital and they gave me antipsychotics and I was so shocked but also relieved those things were not really but they were. I no longer take the antipsychotics they are very very heavy drugs but I do take something for my mood as long as I continue taking something for my mood should I no longer have delusions?

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    M'aiq has given you a correct answer, except that the terms "mood stabilizing drug" and "antipsychotic" mean the same thing. These drugs are safe, although your doctor will want you to get blood tests occasionally to make sure the level of the drug in your system is acceptable. 

    The three things you need to keep stable are medication, therapy, and stress management. It's likely that you will become more stable, in which case a lower dose would be prescribed.  

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    Bipolar can cause psychotic episodes. These are the extreme end of manic episodes, they can include delusions but sometimes even hallucinations. It can happen from lack of sleep or drug use or other things...

    They don't happen with every single manic episode, it's just one thing that can happen with untreated mania. So longterm use of antipsychotics is not necessary, you just need to be on bipolar medicine that prevents mania.

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    I am not sure sorry.

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