Is my mom’s friend likely offended and/or insulted by this?

My mom’s long time friend knows I’m not my mom’s momma’s boy or favourite child, but I’m also friends with her favourite son and that I had been making numerous  posts on Facebook about me being metrosexual by liking photography, certain music, fashion and posting pics of me with different hairstyle cuts that her favourite child (now adult) saw and showed to his  mom.  I also boasted on Facebook about going to a brainy school that got her favourite son angry and showed her. This is also the same lady who scolded me, cussed at me when I was talking to my mom like I’m dependent on her, punched me in the face! when I was a child.

Me and my mom saw her at the shops and she simply refused to give me eye contact or gave very little eye contact without talking to me.

Is it possible that she got offended by these posts on Facebook 


Is it possible that this picture of me before I had a haircut to trim the sides and back part offended or insulted her?

If it did, why would it be any of her business to be offended that I’m not being “masculine” but more metrosexual? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Now that I've seen the photo and read your FB (does the school know what you do in your spare time) I'm really confused.  I didn't know you were African American and I didn't know you were female.

    Now many of your questions make sense!

    • Jan D1 month agoReport

      Some say I also look like a Latino :)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She is probably aware of your mental health issues and doesn't want to be seen with you:

    "My agenda is to wipe out masculinity from the face of the earth. Masculinity is the bane of of society that needs the be eradicated, future generations ‘educated’, etc

    I ALSO WANT HITLER-LIKE STATUS where everyone pledges their allegiance to me and my organisation."

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Once you post every little aspect of your life on the open Internet OR post it on FB OR discuss it with strangers you open yourself up to congratulations OR criticism.  Perhaps if you focused on the truth (and that includes your arrests for pedophilia)  instead of a false persona your life would be easier.  Here are a few reasons "she" probably doesn't make eye contact with you, NONE of which have anything to with you being metrosexual.  Of course, you apparently can't tell the difference between bisexual and metrosexual AND you walked away from your pretend gf and your pretend child:

    “I'm a former senior constable from Victoria Police who is considering moving to the US and starting a security/ police career as soon as I can clear my medical record with another medical record that shows no mental illness.”

    “I'm having roast pork tonight, something Muslims are against. I'll even eat my plate of roast pork in front of Muslims.”

    “I’m a male feminist and I despise pro-men. I also despise pro-choice people.”

    “Is it still considered sexual harassment to glare near a person, but not look at them? I have this one enemy at work who I don't like that I'm now trying to get fired. I lied about him making threats to kill me to my supervisor. He deserved every bot of this treatment for the $hit he put me through by calling me an ugly fvck, sticking his finger at me, etc”

    “Is there any way to redeem myself for this mortal sin (I murdered someone by encouraging him to commit suicide)? I come from a Catholic upbringing from religious parents and had always tried to remain pure to the lord, and on one occasion I actually saw what looked to be Jesus in the night sky. Anyway, there was this stupid time where I had told a homeless 21-year-old kid, who was unloved by his parents, had no money and who was jealous of everyone, to go kill himself which he did. I felt depressed for months on end until I learned to get over it, but I now want to know if I can still redeem myself after this mortal sin. I murdered someone by encouraging him to kill himself. Update: I may not have been indoctrinated as a child, but that doesn't mean I won't fear or believe in Him. I fear that I will go to Hell and that worms will enter and leave every orifice of my body as I descend into Hell.”

  • that's normal behavior on her part and you exaggerating the harm. stop trying to intentionally sabotage your mom's friendships for your own selfish (and dependent) gratification.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s people like you why females and effeminate males have their stomach churn. I, along with other people, will make sure EVERYONE knows you’re just a gay. You’re sick in the head!

    Be yourself and no problems will occur!

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