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what does getting written up at work mean?

so yesterday at work i was written up for accepting a fake $100, it was completely an accident and it even passed with those markers we have to check fakes. they ended up sending me home early and my manager said she was gonna write me up. i have no idea what this means because ive never been written up before. i didnt see any paperwork. this is a PART TIME retail job at the mall and im 17 if that changes anything. either way its minimum wage so im not too worried over losing $8.46 an hour if it comes down to that. tia

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    tell her that the bill passed THE COMPANY'S TEST and you should not be written up for DOING YOUR JOB. your manager is blaming you for a mistake she doesn't want to have to deal with between herself and her manager. at best, your manager didn't train you well enough then punished you for it.

    personally, anytime someone pays with a $20 and that manager is working form now on i'd ask her to verify it's real because the last event was "traumatic".

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    Your manager should not be a manager.  The upshot is that in the future you may not be able to use this job as a good reference.

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    Certain number of write ups, you are fired.

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    You need to refer to your Associates Manual.

    Written up is a step to termination, or not being promoted, maybe losing a potential raise.

    Many companies I have worked for, if the employee gets written up 3 times in a given period will be terminated for "cause". For "cause" means no Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

    The marker test will not detect a "Washed & Bleached" bill. This is where a one dollar bill is bleached white and a Larger Denomination is printed on it.

    Always look for the Security Strip. and Watermarks.

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    It means they will write a notion about this "mistake" in your personal file at your employers.

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