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If I made a wrong choice marrying a certain woman then we both harmed each other & I decided to divorce. Does she owe me an apology?

I didnt know her but thought she was the right one for me and she thought I was the right one for her. Less than 6 month after marriage I failed to create a relationship and lost all my love to her. I told her my concerns but she said she was happy. I kept trying but I couldnt show her love and she was hurt then she started to harm me (because she was in pain according to her). I  decided to divorce but she denied any unhappiness and criticized me for taking that decision and she was expressing how hurt she was as she loves me. Do i owe her an apology for making a wrong decision of marrying her and for hurting her by not loving her? 

She is in her late thirties and this was her first relationship. I feel bad not been able to be a good husband to her.


The question should me: do i owe her an apology?

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    I don't think an apology is needed, you each did the best you thought you could do at the time. But it wouldn't hurt, if you still want to make one. And perhaps, it might make you feel better. Good wishes,

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    Since you married her and apparently fell out of love in just 6 months then YES you do owe her an apology.

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    IF you feel you owe her an apology then offer it to her.  Don't waste any more time.  Things will either then work out for you or you'll drift apart more amicably than you would otherwise.  Better to have her as a friend than an enemy.

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    If everyone felt the need to apologize when mistakes like yours were made there'd be no time for anything else.

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    you can't be "in love" with someone you didn't even know in the first place. falling in love is a process which takes far more than a few days, weeks or months

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