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Kemba Walker. Second Boston Celtics Player To Record 8 3-Point Field Goals, 5 Assists And 5 Rebounds Since His Other Walker Antoine?

Or Antoine Walker In 2001 And 2002 This 2019


Side Note: Since Kemba Joined The Celtics He Wears Number 8 In Honor Of His Former Boston Celtics Player And Non-Related Last Name Person Antoine Walker (Kemba And Antoine Not Related Because Of Their Last Name)

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    I'm just reallt you were in

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    Kemba Walker finally found himself a contending team by leaving the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets franchise from where he played from his rookie season of 2011-12 (where Kemba was a backup PG to D.J. Augustin) to 2018-19 before leaving as a free agent to go play for the Boston Celtics to replace Terry Rozier, who in turn replaced Kemba as the Hornets point guard.

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