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My orthodontist won't allow me to get a different retainer?

I got my braces off a few weeks ago after almost 2 years with them on. I got my retainers about a week ago and I can't deal with them, it's not that I can't get used to unusual objects in my mouth, I adjusted to having braces on within a day or two but I am not doing as well with the retainers. I have a clear retainer for my upper teeth and a metal wire one with acrylic (Hawley), the problem one is the bottom one. I have a weird thing where I can't deal with people that have lisps I get extremely uncomfortable and grimace a lot, it is sometimes so bad where I have to either stop a conversation or leave a room. But the problem is now I have a lisp of my own, not really obvious but mainly on S's a slight drawn-out sound and a weird feeling as my tongue doesn't know where to go. I asked my orthodontist about it when I first got my retainers and he said I couldn't have the clear ones as my molars needed to adjust to the bite and needed wiggle room. I have friends who have gotten clear retainers for all of their teeth and no problems, which is why I am confused about what the orthodontist said. I am considering using outside sources to get clear retainers if my ortho continues to refuse.

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