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“You render them incomplete.” Does it make sense? As in the meaning of You make them become incomplete.?

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    yes, render has that idea of cause to occur, or more make so it happened, be responsible for with an idea of ensuring the outcome.  You don't have to perform the act that gets completed to render the completion of the act, you instead have to make it so the act will occur no matter what.  Carries the idea of the situation compelling the completion of the action.  Render is often used for describing the creation of a situation where the result is inevitable.  A person does not cause unconsciousness when rendering (someone) unconscious, they create a situation where the person will fall unconscious (introduce a gas or cut off air supply, say).

    Render more or less means "create circumstances where other responses must result".  Carries a mix of active and passive involvement, or indirect causation.

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    Yes. You cause them to become incomplete. But usually incomplete things are rendered complete, rather than the other way around.

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