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Please write the summary and explanation of the poem " The black badge of Africa" by Gift mudzingwa?

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    This is really simple and straightforward. There's just one metaphor of the black badge being the narrator's ethnicity, in which the narrator conveys that it's natural from the earth and the land, implying that black people shouldn't be hated for being black.

    I was born with the scent

    of wild flowers in the air,

    the smell of wood-fires,

    and the cooking pot.

    I was born to be proud

    of the black badge

    of my skin.

    My first tears flowed

    from the sting of smoke,

    from the pain of the thorns,

    in my naked, small feet.

    How i hated, at first,

    the long hours, herding cattle,

    but i loved the hills,

    and the river-when it gave me fish!

    I learned to listen

    to the songs of birds,

    to watch the colors,

    of dawn and sunset.

    I learned to love

    the land that gave me

    my own black badge,

    the black badge of Africa.

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