Does learning music and how to play an instrument in high school count as extra curricular activities when he applies to colleges?

If my son a Sophomore in high school goes to music class once every week and learn music and how to play a guitar and if he passes the music theory and practical test at a high level 4 or 5, does UC Universities or Private Universities count learning music or playing an instrument as extra curricular activities? 

Can he put music down on his UC University or Private Universities applications as extra curricular activities as well as his basketball sports league he joined? Will UC count learning music and playing an instrument as extra curricular activities?


He is taking private music lessons outside his high school.  It is not a music class he takes in his high school. He is not trying to pass a music theory test that is in his high school class. It’s an outside international music test called ABRSM for students to take music tests at different levels of skill from level 1 through 8 the highest level to see if they can pass it with merit. 

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    EC do not have to be direct from the high school. Any sports team, music, dance, art taken outside of school can be counted as an EC. 

    If a student has a part time job after school they should list that as well.

    To say I like the guitar and play in my spare time is a hobby, not an EC

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      Thank you for answering to my question.😊

  • MS
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes, it's considered an extracurricular.  Whether it counts for much at those schools is another question.  When schools do consider extracurriculars (and many don't), they hope to see commitment and leadership.  They like to see students find things they enjoy and stick with them, and also acquire leadership positions within them.  It certainly looks better than nothing, and measures of progress will show a level of commitment, which is good. 

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      Thank you for your good answer. 😊

  • Nancy
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    4 weeks ago

    It's extracurricular if his lessons aren't during his school day. If he's not taking lessons outside of school but instead it's a class he takes during his school day, then it's not extracurricular. You're talking about passing music theory and passing a test. That sounds like school, not extracurricular. If that's part of his high school curriculum, not only is it not extracurricular, by listing it as such, it will look like you're padding his application as the university will see that as curricular (not extracurricular) work on his transcript, the grade for that music theory class and so forth showing up on his official transcript.

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