How did I get a hot shower in my house when my water heater is broken?

so i live in a trailer and we dont have warm/hot water anymore. i go to school everyweek day and so i always take cold showers cuz the hot water in the shower is broken. even the sink is the same. My dad called a plumber and he said that the water heater is old and broken and he needs to buy a new one which is about $500 and $500 to install it which adds to $1,000. my dad is retired and disabled, i have to be in school everyday and too busy working on school assignments and cooking classes. I want to know if there is alternative ways to get a hot shower for now cuz i cant wait for a water heater too expensive. im not sure if its ever gonna happen. its getting cold season and taking cold showers every day isnt healthy for me. I dont have a kitchen to boil eater, we lit a small fore starter but it didnt work. ya anything helps.....if its not possible then just say that. but yeah my family is low income and i need advice thanks.

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  • Laurie
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    9 months ago
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    Hot water is a necessity - for health, and for sanitation.

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    There are many places who help with home repairs for seniors and disabled for example:

    Try one or more of the agencies/contacts listed in the links above - your school social worker may also be able to direct you to additional resources in the area that offer repair assistance.There are many St. Vincent De Paul locations who offer assistance programs, as do many churches/synagogues/temples/mosques.

    If your water heater is electric, chances are good it is only the elements that have failed and they can be replaced easily and are pretty inexpensive ($30-$50 each). If you try to do it yourself BE SURE THE ELECTRICITY IS TURNED OFF AT THE BREAKER BOX!

    If it is a gas water heater it might just need to be cleaned and adjusted and have a flame sensor replaced.

    It sounds like you need another opinion from a professional that is more aware of your situation and willing to help you resolve the problem at the lowest cost.

    When I was little we had no running water and used a big tub with water heated on the stove :)

    All the best!

  • 9 months ago

    Connect as many garden hoses as you have or can get and set it out in the direct sun, on a roof is good as it is always hotter on a roof,  along the top of a fence works too, use the water the hose holds as your hot water reservoir,  be frugal  and get wet  turn off water,  lather up then rinse quickly, Navy showers are 3 minutes.

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  • 9 months ago

    As a TEMPORARY measure, you can use a camp shower with water heated on the stove.

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    When I was a kid we didn't have any running water, so took a shower at the local college in the evening through 8th grade. High school had a gym, so took one there whenever I had time- lunch/morning break/before or after school. Or, you could learn a little plumbing yourself. You can get a 4 gallon mini-electric water heater for $160 from amazon with free shipping. With a low flow shower head, that should last you at least 5 minutes.

  • elhigh
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    9 months ago

    $500 buys a pretty damned good water heater.  There are perfectly good ones to be had under $400, even as low as $350 for a 40-gal Rheem.  You don't need to drop that much money on a water heater for just you and your dad.

     $500 to install is just ridiculous. It's too easy to do. You don't need to pay someone to do it.

    Turn off the water heater's breaker at the main electrical panel.

    Turn off the water supply to the heater on the COLD line.

    Connect a hose at the heater's drain at the bottom, run it to the tub or outside, whichever is easier. It's best to have the outlet lower than the bottom of the heater, so it will siphon every drop out.

    Open a hot water faucet to let air in so the heater will drain better.

    Disconnect the power connections at the heater.

    By this point you should be able to remove the water supply connections, the HOT and COLD connections coming out of the top of the heater. Be ready for a bit of spillage but it shouldn't be a big deal.

    You may need some help to do it, but muscle the old heater out of the building. I've had good luck laying it down on cardboard and sliding it, but you can also use dollies or hand trucks, or just order some pizzas and beers and make a day of it with friends.

    New heater goes in where the old one was.

    Connect HOT and COLD lines at the top. Renew the teflon tape at the connections if necessary. Don't crank the connections as hard as you possibly can, just get them on good and snug. When you turn water on you'll watch for leaks and only torque things down enough that no new water droplets appear. Don't need to go crazy on these things, tight enough will do.

    Fill the tank. Turn the COLD supply on. Watch for leaks. Leave the HOT faucet open, the one you opened for draining the old tank. That will let air out of the new tank so water can completely fill it.

    Check for leaks.

    When water comes out of the faucet, close the faucet.

    Reconnect power supply.

    Check for leaks.

    Turn power on at the breaker.

    Check for leaks.

    Listen for the pops and creaks of the heater warming up for the first time.

    Give it an hour or so.

    Check for leaks.

    Turn the HOT faucet on and revel in the knowledge of a job well done.

    Clean up.

    Take a shower. You've been working hard, you've earned it.

    Seriously, the whole job only takes an hour or two if you're not making any big changes to the system. It's easy even for a first-timer.

    Good luck with it.

  • 9 months ago

    local service agencies may be willing to provide part or all of the cost. Example: retired guys at my church would do the installation for free and the church itself has funds to buy the equipment. One does have to ask pastor for assistance, though

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  • 9 months ago

    Do you have a swimming pool or leisure centre near you?  They usually have hot showers. Or, as said, speak to a teacher, perhaps you can shower at school.

  • 9 months ago

    Get used to cold showers if you cannot afford $1000 or source a cheap one yourself and youtube how to instal it yourself. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Talk to a teacher. Maybe you can work something out by showering at the school.

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