Traveling Amtrak for the first time!!!?

This is my first time traveling Amtrak, and I just have a few questions. First question being my train departs at 11:12 AM how much time in advance should I arrive to the train station? Do I have to check in first even though I already have my tickets pre-load onto my wallet app on my iPhone? Or when I get to the train station do I just wait outside for my train? Also second question being, I am not checking a bag I’m just bringing a carry-on purse and a carry-on backpack, will my bags be checked and locked into prior to boarding the train? Almost like how it is done before going on an airplane. Also if it helps I am leaving out through New London Connecticut Amtrak train station. Also if my bag is to be checked prior to boarding the train, Will it be OK that I am bringing a bottle of whiskey with me? I am bringing it as a birthday present for my friend. Also I have attached an image that comes up when I look up my ticket on the Amtrak app can someone please tell me what that means. I have also looked and I see that my train leaving from New London Connecticut is a North East regional train but, I still don’t understand what that message really means. If someone could explain it to me that would be great. Thank you so very much. 

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  • 1 month ago

     We just traveled roundtrip from Galesburg to Union Station, Chicago. All in all a very pleasant experience; trains were on time, seats were big and comfy ... I myself, when traveling alone, have given up my seat several times for just ... Thanks for the info, I will be boarding Amtrak in WI Dells to Chicago in a few ...

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