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what are the best protection symbols?

What works better, Celtic or Egyptian symbols?

Someone help me understand all these symbols, I just want one symbol of protection against bad energy, curses and demons.How do we know these work?When we get these protection items do we have to do something to activate the protection abilities or what not? 

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    There's no right answer to that, as the Pentacle, Solar Cross, Hamsa, Triquerta, Cross Spears, Even the Eye of Horus and Hexagram of Solomon are all symbols. Of Protection (though they have alternate meanings as well).

    It sould be the symbol you more closely identified with. I particularly prefer the Pentagram or Cross Spears.

    You might actually be able to find a bracelet with multiple protective charms on them. Just owning such a symbol or pendent doesn't necessarily make it yours.

    If you're using a Talisman that had a previous owner it may still be attached to their energy, so you'll need to sanctify it, at least a new one would be preferable.

    There are certain prayers or chants that can be said imbuing the talisman with its purpose. As noted before, some symbols have different meanings, but if you bless it with a particular purpose the deed is done.

    If you have a pendent or charm already picked out you may sanctify it to the elements: rubbing dirt on it (Earth), submerging it in (Water), waving it through a lit candle (Fire) if only for a second, and breathing or blowing on it (air). The 5th element, that or spirit or soul requires the prayer. You must pray on it, not to it. Give it your energy and it's purpose.

    There is no main prayer to say, but an example of which is:

    "Blessed are you, Lord God, king of the universe.

    You have made all things for your glory.

    Bless this (name of object) and grant that I may use it in your service and for the good of my surrounding. Father, I praise you through Christ our Lord. Amen"

    You do not necessarily need to pray to the Christian God, but invoke some name of power:

    "I consecrate this Amulet in the name of Ra and all that is holy and just. May it protect my circle of being from all energies and entities both negative and harmful. I ask this in the name of Amen-Ra."

    As this information is rudimentary, It might work well enough on curses. But if you're worried about a particular demon, then you'd have to look into its planetary sign and what type of metal is most effective and have Talisman made from that alloy, sacrifice during certain planetary conjuctions and what-have-you, yeah this stuff can get complex...

    But even subtle little things like a bag of chicken bones were marked as a method of protection against witchcraft in Roman times.

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    None of them. Protection symbols are stupid superstition. They can't do squat for you.

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