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if have driven nearly 3, 000 miles since timing belt change,,does that mean that the timing belt was properly put on?

I always feel a bit of anxiety after having a timing belt changed. worried that the mechanic didnt put it on right or that it was not properly tensioned, etc.

what signs would have if any above is true? and can feel pretty secure that it was done right if have driven nearly 3, 000 miles now with no noticeable problems?

can explain?

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    The fact that it started and ran means they put it on properly.

    If you've gone almost 3K miles, then you can probably stop thinking about it.

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      what if mechanic didn't adjust the tensioner correctly ?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Parts wear out. A mechanic would tell you if the parts need to be replaced. There;s a tension wheel on the belt. That usually doesn't need to be adjusted, The belt only goes on one way & a diagram should be on the hood. Always take it to a dealership for maintenance. The fly by night's charge more & don't have the factory training.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Your car is fine.  A bad timing belt installation would cause the car not to run properly right away.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If it wasnt right, you would know by now, stop worrying

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  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    Use your computer to search for "best mechanics in 00000 area" (insert your zip code). Give your car to the 5-star rated mechanics, let them change the oil, and ask them specifically about the belt, but generally to check everything about the car for safety, replacements, worn parts. Then follow their advice.

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