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How can I make myself stand out to casting directors?

I liked a local casting director's Facebook page and she posts ads for extras where we need to email photos, sizes, etc., to the person she represents, but so far I've had no luck. Now I know acting (if this event counts) is extremely competitive, but I'm just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong. I write in the email where I saw the ad, submit things they need, and say thank you. Am I missing anything? Sincerely, a wannabe actor


The posts don't list whether they're non-union or not, but they do tell you to list whether you are in the email.

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    First, extra work is not really acting.  It’s more like being breathing scenery.  You shouldn’t list extra work as experience on a professional acting resume, but some people enjoy it and it gets you to see a bit of what it’s like on a set.

    For extra work, they want people who match the director’s vision for the scene.  You may not be doing anything wrong other then not looking like what they want.  Maybe you’re too tall or too short, wrong size, wrong gender, wrong age or whatever. If these are union productions, then part of the problem may be that you’re not union.  (Union productions are required to hire a minimum number of union actors as extras before they can hire non-union actors.)

    And as you said, it’s extremely competitive. cDs can get thousands of submissions for maybe 10 or so positions. It’s not unusual for a CD to literally get 100 submissions within the first 10 minutes of an ad being posted.  So I suppose you could be submitting too late.  The early bird gets the worm - but even then it’s still a lot of competition and you need to have the right look.

    Good luck 

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    Well, being an extra is not about standing out.  It's about looking a specific way for crowd scenes and the like.  An extra is just a human prop.

    If the extras agency wants 50 young men, all well-built with long hair and beards - and that description fits you - you have a great chance of getting a day or so's work.  

    If the only jobs available are like that, and you're a small young women with blonde hair, you won't get called.  It's just demand and supply.

    But being an extra is not going to be any use for an aspiring actor.  No real acting talent is required.  If you want to be an actor, you need to get years of training at a really good acting school and more years of stage and film experience - in real acting roles.  Then you'd need to get signed by a talent agency and hope that they find you real auditions.

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