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I'm trying to lose 20lbs before2020.(CW:158, 5'5).i want to get a bike to help me slim.what bike is best to lose?mountain,hybrid, or road?

I do not know much about bikes, but i know they come in basically three types and i want one that would be best to lose weight with(exercise bike). I cant drive at the moment because i got into an accident, so i figured i might as well invest in a bike to help me get fit and slim down. ill be biking to college and back, as well as for exercise purposes or riding around.

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    Chances of you losing 20 lbs. in 2 months by any means are slim to none.  Besides...(in all capital letters) DIET IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EXERCISE ALONE.  Don't believe me?  I've lost over 100 lbs. through a better diet & cycling.  No healthy diet?  Possibly NO weight loss.  Quote, "At the end of the 6 weeks the group that only focused on fat loss through diet lost an average of 15 pounds but the group that only did exercise only lost an average of 1 pound..."

    Do NOT purchase a bike based on your theory.  Buy a bike based on "Where & How" you'll be riding.  Road bikes are suited for one thing...going fast on smooth paved surfaces.  So, if you'll by carrying extra weight on your way to college & back, you'd better find one with stronger than factory wheels.  There is another type of bike with drop down style handlebars designed to carry extra weight.  It's called a 'Touring Bike'.  They start around $1,000 and go up.

    MTB's are designed for OFF-ROAD use.  The wider, knobby tires & lower gears will slow you down on paved surfaces compared to other types of bikes.  Great for digging in off-road trails.  Not so much for the streets.  Which brings us to a hybrid type of bike.  It's good at a lot of things but great at nothing - which isn't a bad thing.  It's a 'Jack-of-all-trades' type of bike.  You can add a rear rack & panniers (bike saddle bags) to carry things.  Plus fenders for the unexpected shower or puddle.  I would go no lower than a Giant Escape 2.  

    Rule #1) Do NOT buy a bike from a big box store or 99.9% of them on Amazon.

    Rule #2) Try BEFORE you buy.  No test ride.  No $ALE.  You can test ride any bike you like from a REAL bicycle shop.  And at only 5' 5" tall, you'll NEED one with a smaller frame size - which they DON'T sell at Kmart, Target or the dread Wally World.       

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      Thank you very much, this is all very helpful. I like the idea of adding a rack to road bike,& i was thinking of bikebarn(thoughts?).By diet, do you mean balanced&healthy,or calorie deficit(restriction)? following a low cal diet&biking, will it help? I have lost a lot before, but by unhealthy ways 

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    For calorie burn, it doesn’t matter much what you do.

    How HARD and for how LONG you go at it is more important.

    All activities that get you equally winded for the same duration will burn near enough the same number of calories.

    Keep in mind that biggest part of weight management is what/how much you eat.

    A snack that takes minutes to eat can take an HOUR to burn off.

    Eat right and the weight willl come off even w/o exercise.

    Eat wrong and it’s VERY hard - and unlikely - that you’d lose weight from exercise alone.

    Hybrids are generally good do-it-all bikes. They often come with fenders and rack, or are easy to fit fenders and rack to. Not always so for MTBs and road bikes.

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    probably any of them but it might take a little longer to lose that weight

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      why is that? ive read mixed reviews about bikes and weight loss, so im not sure 

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