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How do I show a guy that I care about him and don't just use him for sex?

I have a guy I like that I want to leave his girlfriend and be with me. He has a girlfriend, but she cheated on him and that was when I started a sexual relationship with him. I think she's abusive and has him brainwashed that no-one else cares about him but her. He had a rough childhood but he's really deserves better than someone that would cheat on him.

I asked him to leave her for me, but he said no because I don't care about him and would also cheat more. He views me as sex obsessed because I pressure him for a lot of sex and said I'd tell his girlfriend if he stopped and he's terrified of that. But she cheated on him first so he shouldn't care what she thinks. I don't want to have full intercourse with him because he has a girlfriend so it would be gross, but I get him to perform oral sex on me. We both love it but obviously it's more satisfying for me, but he has a girlfriend for that so whatever.

He asked me out before he got with his current girlfriend and I said no, so that might also be part of the reason he thinks I just use him for sex and don't really care about him. It's really hard to express how much I do care when he has a girlfriend though.

He should be mine, I swear we belong together, I just don't know how to convince him.

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    Tell him you care about him a lot and want to be more than what you are now. Tell him that you do not want to make him feel uncomfortable and cause him to end it with his gf if he really loves her but let him know it is not just sex with him. Stop saying you'll tell his gf about you two because he will never choose you if you try to bribe him to stay with you. Then let him decide what he wants. 

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    So she cheats on him, he cheats on her. And you find this guy to be a rational thinker or a good catch? And you'd "use him for sex"? That's hilarious. If you and he had sex, you'd never hear from him again.

    • Linda
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      Not true. I did use a guy for sex and he called me. I turned him down. Depends on the person.

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