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Does my bf like my friend?

one time, a friend/old classmate of mine visited our school. When she came, our friends who know her were all surprised and said hi to her, i did too. We were outside that time. But also, I saw my bf and the way he looked at her. It's like his eyes lit up. He even went out of the room when he saw her. He even said something like, "she's so pretty" which one of our friends heard and told me jokingly but then he tried to shush her to avoid letting me know. I laughed it off that time but i actually felt hurt. Also, note that this friend was an old crush of his when we were in elementary...(we're seniors now). So yeah, idk this feels weird to me. It's so weird that i dont even know if he even ever looked at me the same way as i saw him look at her. but idk really....ugh help 

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    yeah he really wants to plow her.

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