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Rat sexing help?

I have two male rats. The younger is about a month and a half, but his testes have not dropped. I took him to the vet to be sure and he said he was a male because there was good separation between the anus and his penis and he also does not have nipples, so he has to be a boy right? Has anyone else had any experience where their male rat’s testes did not show for a long time? Should I be concerned?


Please only answer if you are a vet, or have real experience with rats.

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  • odd
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    Be concerned when the other rat starts to mount it. Eventually you will have babies. Lots of them. Rats breed like 14 to a litter.

    Look closely (about 2mm-4mm ) underneath the anus. if there is a hole, (it will be very small) it is a vagina and a girl.

    I have had rats that don't have well developed testes as ratlings but grew up fine later. I've had tiny male rats (usually  hairless double-rex) that have very well developed testes for their apparent age and size. It depends on the rat.

    It looks like a boy to me.

    Source(s): I breed rats as feeders for my pet snakes and other reptiles.
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    Rats testicles often will not stop if they are stressed out. Make sure they have two cubic feet each and their cage is full too to bottom with toys. They also require at least an hour of freeroaming time (never put any animal in a ball). That's the minimum they can have

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    Here is a pic hope this helps

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