Could Naruto (Or anyone) use henge to create usable equipment like radios?

I am currently writing a Naruto fanfiction, and I am working on a scene where Naruto uses his clones to train his stealth, by partaking in a "team deathmatch" style activity.

In one such scene, Naruto is a leader of one team (Aka), and I want him to be able to communicate with the clones via the ear-mounted radios that can occasionally be seen in canon.

The problem is, if they were given physical earpieces, then the other team's clones (Ao) would easily be able to take them from Aka and listen in, which is something I don't want.

I've already debated whether or not henge is a "physical" transformation, and came to the conclusion that it is, but is seldom used because of its chakra cost.

So in this case, if Naruto had his clones use henge so that they each had a radio, would the radios work?

I'm strongly guided within my stories about what would fit within the rules of the Narutoverse (Such as not having Naruto learn genjutsu in a story because of his inability to do so in canon), so I wanted to be sure before I added it. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes I think it can work.  Transformations can become inanimate objects.  Naruto himself has used it before turning himself and his clones into large throwing stars.  Transformations are illusions, but you're right they are also physical.  They have the same attributes as whatever or whoever they turn into.

    Electronic devices I can see as being more complicated.  The user probably has to have an understanding of their mechanics and the concentration to keep it in focus while transformed.  But it should be doable and I don't see why it wouldn't be.

    I'm not sure partial transformations are a thing though.  Probably what would happen is there'd be a separate shadow clone that turns into the radios.  So one clone as the active fighter, while a second clone becomes the device the first one wears.

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