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Did you know that Randy Orton laughed about RKO'ing Moolah and brushed her off his chest?

The same night that Orton RKO'd Moolah, in a backstage segment Triple H and Ric Flair congratulated him. Triple H pointed out that Randy had "old lady dust" on his chest, and Orton arrogantly brushed her off. What do you think of Orton's character doing this


No part of this question indicates that Orton was not playing a character. 

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    I dont remember the show, but I do remember that day.

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    Orton was in character.

  • Yes many of us were watching the entire "Evolution" Story Line so we saw and hear that. Randy Orton was in Character and playing The Role Vincent Kennedy McMahon scripted for him. Boy was Randy Orton young in that photo, that has to be 2004, maybe?

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    I liked when Bubba Ray Dudley (Mark LoMonaco) hit Mae Young with a Power Bomb 

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    Thank God I'm on my way out with thinking like that. It was entertaining and funny until people with their heads stuck up the rasses.

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