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How to ask people if they'll read the first few chapters of my book?

I know getting feedback is important, but I'm not sure how to ask people to read it. If it were strangers, I wouldn't care, but I don't think some of the themes are things people would expect me to write about, and it kind of feels like exposing myself to show it to people. What should I ask? Should I mention the content or anything, or just ask people if they'll read it?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Would you read a few chapters of my book?

  • Speed
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    4 weeks ago

    Anonymous, can I strongly suggest that you *not* ask people you know to read any part of your book?

    There are several reasons. One, it's incomplete. You may end up changing or even deleting this part. Two, it's a first draft. Those are for the author's eyes only. Three, it puts friends and family in a very awkward position in which the easiest thing to do is lie to your face that they liked it, whether they did or not. Four, they're biased because they know you and can't separate what they read from who you are.

    If you need encouragement to go on, or feedback to make it better, join a writing site like AbsoluteWrite and find a critique partner or three, and/or join or start a writing group. (That's what I did, in the 1990s. We still meet.)

    But if you insist on asking people you know, just ask them. "You know I've been writing some fiction. I'd really appreciate it if you can find the time to read the first five chapters and let me know what you think." No need to warn people about the content unless it's quite graphic, either sexually or in terms of violence.

  • Mark
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    4 weeks ago

    Trusted friends and/or a writer's group.

  • Olive
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    4 weeks ago

    Just kinda give them an idea what the book is about without giving to much detail. Then go from there and see if theyd like to read it

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