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Thoughts on veneers and underneath them?

I just don't understand veneers. I can't wrap my head around the fact that ANYONE would want to ruin their teeth, albeit ugly before the veneers, but their permanent teeth they have for their whole life will be drilled and sanded down to tiny disgusting stumps. I just cannot for the life of me understand it at all. It doesnt make logical sense to do something so permanent and damaging. Taking into consideration that they're expensive and studies show that they last less than 10 years (most dentristries say they last up to 20 years) no matter the brand/company. 

What about if you cannot afford them anymore(looking from a perspective of a normal person)? What about if you don't want veneers with shiny bright white teeth that look incredibly fake when you're 70? What about the heightened risk of needing dentures by the time you're 50? To be honest I think knowing that there are stumps where teeth should be under the "perfect" veneers is worse than having crooked teeth?


Can anyone add some input or their own opinion?

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    There are many dental conditions in which the tooth is healthy but discolored and cannot be bleached. ("Texas teeth" is a prime example, enamel mottled brown by way too much fluoride in the local water. ) There are also types of dental damage and minor gaps that can be made invisible with veneers.

    Veneers allow the person to retain their dental pulp and get a tooth that looks natural, not too white or fake. Well done veneers are not detectable.

    I ran into a stop sign with my face (head down, running in the rain) and broke off the tip of my front tooth, as well as breaking my nose. My veneer is excellent. My nose, not so much.

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    Not a question 

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