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Why don't many men wear speedos at the beach?

I'm a guy and when I go to the beach, I like to get a nice tan all over my body with minimal tan lines. A swim short will not do justice to me as that will give me tan lines all over my mid area. To me, speedos do a great job at reducing tan lines. Obviously, sunbathing nude is the best and most effective way to fully tan, but nude beaches are limited.

So why don't more men wear speedos at the beach? Don't they want a full tan?

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    The best is NOT to sunbath at all, but to answer your question it comes down to what people feel comfortable in, and how others view them is a major factor here.

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    3 weeks ago

    There's some apprehension about putting your... package on full display with the tightness in that area. I don't want anyone being able to see the outline of my parts, so when I've decided to wear a speedo I just tuck my stuff down there back (wearing a too-small speedo to hold it) so you can't see it, there's just a small bump way between your legs. It makes you look empty down there, but no one should ask where' you don't have your dick

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    Embarrassed or ugly.

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    No, most men realize that a full tan is a good way to develop skin cancer.  Most men want to live beyond 45 years old.

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