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What kind of Food Careers are good options if you are NOT looking for a service type of job?

I plan to pursue a career within the food industry, possible a more general chef/restaurant college education. (Not from UK/US).

I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty, working on my own or deal with bad environment ( had a few interneship in industry factories as a teen), I just know that I cannot handle service based (or customer-focused) jobs or kids, but I feel there should be other alternatives than cleaning dishes, especially if you get a college chef degree?

(I live withing the system but trying "grow out" from it as I don't feel i belong there and I don't want to live off on my parents, but I tried clothing store, so I know I can't handle service but still want to start somewhere...).


I meant: No catering/serving or cashier type of food jobs (Mcdonalds..or those fancy resturants) English is not my native language.

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    If you’re not into service based employment, becoming a chef or any position in the back-of-the-house isn’t going to guard you against working with the public, especially as chef. The chef’s primary role is in ensuring the product service mix along with management, service and kitchen staff . Perhaps a factory position at a food processing plant, or a food science based position would be suitable.

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Chefs cook food for People !,, catering is service based, so who are you going to cook for ?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They have chef colleges but even then you get your hands dirty.

    Why do you want food if you don't want to work?  You think someone is going to pay you $60k a year to do nothing?  Why?

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