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I’m engaged and feel guilty about not telling my future husband about my sexual Past ?

So, my soon to be husband ( we are getting married next fall) has only had sex with 3 girls in his entire existence and for me, most days I find myself feeling 

Like he deserves better. 

  When we were discussing our past I kinda dreaded him asking me about it but when he finally did I just said “I’m a little more seasoned than you”... by a little I meant a lot. But I obviously didn’t say that. 

  High school were very wild years for me, I partied a lot, had many threesomes involving two-three men and was that girl letting dudes blow lines of coke off my @ss, I have a very extended sexual past. Definitely almost triple digits. 

  He has no idea about any of this and if he ever knew I think he would quite literally faint. It eats at me everyday though. Although I consider myself a rather good reliable woman now, I feel guilty for holding back my past. 

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  • hart
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    9 months ago

    keep it secret

  • 9 months ago

    If you are now a different person now, just for a peace of mind, I would just admit to him the old you, and see how reacts. If he decides he can't handle that, then it would be better for you to know now, rather than have it eat at you, because this thing about your past bothers you. Free yourself of this guilt and move on,if he really loves you, it will eventually work out. Forgive yourself. Best wishes.

  • 9 months ago

    If he is not asking, don't tell. If he does ask, tell him you love him, and you hate to dwell on the past.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I remember you from high school. Thanks for letting me blow my load in yer bum. 

    Anyways I wouldn't tell him your numbers.  

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  • Layne
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    9 months ago

    People flaunt sexuality and then insult others with a different perspective.  Have but not with me. haha

  • kristy
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    9 months ago

    I wouldn’t tell him but if you do and give him details, it might really turn him on

  • 9 months ago



    My wife was in a street gang when she was in high school. She has the scars from knife wounds all over her body, and from cigarette burns on her boobs, to show for it. I have now told you all that she has ever told me. I met her after college after she had escaped from that life style. We have been married over 50 yrs. She has also never told me about any of her past relationships. She just says about all of that, "That was before you." I love her deeply, and respect her privacy. If she doesn't want to tell me, that's OK. I am curious, but will never ask again. She had been a fantastic lover and partner and a wonderful mother to our children. She had a long and successful career in nursing and was well respected for her skills and accomplishments. She does not want to relive the past and I think she feels that I will not think so highly of her if I know her past. 


  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I can't believe you said you are a good reliable woman.

    I have a different perspective about you, and I really don't have anything good to say about what I read here.

    I am a male by the way.

  • Orla C
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    9 months ago

    How on earth would your sexual past be ANY of his business? And why would you think that you having a past would be a bad thing? 

    Regardless of what you did, it's made you the person you are today, and that's who he loves. 

    If you want to tell him, go ahead, but honestly, why does he need to know? Your past before you met him is none of his business. Just as his past before he met you is none of your business.

    Stop worrying and let it go. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The issue is going to be that if he likes you, then he wants to have a ton of sex with you. But now, you're not a 'wild' sex doll anymore - and that's too bad for him, because that is what he wants. I can GUARANFUCKINGTEE you that he does not want a sexless prude for a wife. So tell him, don't tell him, it doesn't really matter. Your prudely 'wife' side is going to ruin his life either way. In fact, it will probably be worse if you tell him, because then as he is dying from alcoholism and a broken soul he will wonder why he didn't rate high enough for his wife to give him a threesome when she did that with guys she barely knew.

    I think you should make it a game, and see how quickly you can break his soul.

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