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Can someone please explain to me why pisces are such rude people?

I don’t understand why pisces are so rude, like all the pisces from my experience are mean, disrespectful, have attitude and tempered. One time a pisces girl called a boy ugly and laughed it off. There are these 2 pisces girls in my 1st period class and they always give attitude to the teachers and say rude things to their friends. Today one of them even told the substitute teacher “shut up lady” and was disrespectful and rude for the whole time. I was so upset cause I couldn’t believe that a pisces person would say something like that. The teacher was older too so she basically disrespected her elder. I even had a pisces teacher in grade 8 who got stressed and tired of our class at one point and said “ this class is stupid” under her breath, she also cursed sometimes. What is seriously wrong with them??! I thought pisces were supposed to kind, respectful and sensitive people but apparently the ones in my life  act NOTHING like a pisces. Please someone tell me why they are like this because I am getting sick of them!


The 2 pisces girls are also very defensive too.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Youth today are disrespectful and disingenuous anyways. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Actually I've never seen rude people who are Pisces. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Try asking your teachers in school. Think they’re open to nonsense? Apparently you do want to be able to think. Being programmed by alleged force outside the planet is better?

    Those that promote astrology here don’t have a clue. They put down anyone that has doubt.

    Why is because of gullibility, stupidity and ignorance. If you’re so easily convinced magical astrology is the reason, you can ignore any physical or logical explanation.

    It's certainly not the fault of anyone. We don’t get to choose our birthdays. So why not blame on the parents for not learning astrology and avoiding having children on unfavorable dates?

    I would also blame cruelty and stupidity of the intelligent designer or god that created the solar system exclusively to do the programming. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Expectations about pisces girls or Reality about those who born under Pisces season??

    First, probably you have readed some texts about Pisces and they say that pisces have attractive words… Dreamy, Spiritual, Creative, Understanding, Emotional…


    They aren´t…. Pisces season or Pisces month is March, the month in honour to Mars (by Pope Gregory in century XVI) and this influence Pisces also, The Pisces archetype is “The Martyr” by famous swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

    Pisces were always spoiled by the astrologers (since Vedas Era throught Medieval Age and Renaissance till nowadays), now they are full of Ego and gas, the astrologers spoiled pisces with pampering and praise.

    Those who born under Pisces season are arrogant, aggressive, possessive, pedantic, jealous, envious, materialistic, cold and has an huge ego.

    Look Osama Bin Laden, Josef Mengele (NAZI) , Adolf Eichmann (NAZI) , Chuck Norris, Floyd Mayweyher, Reinhard Heydrich (NAZI)

    Where is sweet, emotional, artistic, warm hearted Pisces that Astrologers claims??

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  • 2 months ago

    I assume you're a young person, so it may be the few "Pisces" you know have their birthday in the second half of Pisces which could mean their Sun is square to Pluto, which would be in Sagittarius. Or maybe their Mercury, which is never far from the Sun, is square to Pluto. Mercury shows the way the mind works and communicates its thoughts etc. There could be loads of reasons astrologically though why some are as you describe. Any Sun sign person can be that way.

    (You'll generally get some stupid f--- peasant responding like the mih prat has; ignore them).

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You are talking about someone's SUN sign, which is ONLY 2% of their entire astrological natal chart.

    Sun signs are the only part that is easy to find, so Sun sign astrology is nothing more than a way to make money by writing. It is not real astrology.

    And my sister has her Sun in Pisces .. she is very caring and considerate, and has such a warm smile that people flock to her.

    Everyone is different and unique. And everyone has a unique natal chart.

    However, since young people tend to be more rude and self-centered than middle-aged and older people, perhaps YOU are young and therefore most of YOUR experience is with young people. In which case what you are seeing is their youth and not their Sun Sign.

    And anyway, everyone has ALL 12 zodiac Signs in their natal chart ... it varies s to which Signs are a stronger influence, and it isn't always the Sun sign.

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