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JonZ asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 1 month ago

Does anyone else find that the new YA places your question in the wrong category more frequently than before....?

....I have found that it does a poor job at placing questions in the correct category and often I have to change it myself. Your opinion?

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  • Daniel
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    1 month ago
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    Thats Because its Based on Key Words so if not the Correct words are being Used Yahoo wont think to place it in the Category that you want it to go in

    It stinks but its the way it is

    There is no way you can set it Before its Posted you can only Change it After its been Posted its a little bit of Extra work but it is what it is

  • .
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    1 month ago

    Some users find that prefacing their question with the name of the subcategory (in all or part) helps their question land in where it belongs. For example - "Yahoo Answers: Does anyone else find that the new YA....." 


    Long ago we had to select where we wanted our question to go, before posting it. If you have to move it after it's posted, that's the same situation but backwards (with the algorithm, there's a chance it may land in an appropriate subcategory, if good keywords are used).

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    This new site is no different than the old one placing questions in the wrong subcategory.  They use keywords to determine where a question is placed.  80% of the questions asked is placed in the wrong subcategory.  I find that most are placed in P&S.  The only thing you can do is move it and move on.

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    Computer algorhythms programs use keywords in the question to determine which category and subcategories a question posts to. The same word can mean different things in differrn contexts. Those computer programs have improved a LOT so. The last year and a half since Verizon took over Yahoo 2 Yeats and 5 months ago.

    It does seem to help to go to the sub category you want hour question to post in to ASK your question, but that does not always work. And sometimes people intentionally post questions in the wrong category and subcategory. That is what I call a targeted bait and phish question when they hope a particular YA men er will take the bait and answer the question. That's a misuse of YA as personal email IMHO. There rarely are questions about celebrities in Astronomy & Space because if the keyword "star" any more, except for one person who is obsessed with Carl Sagan's body's appearance for the last 2 years.

    There are NO Verizon/Yahoo employees reading questions

    Source(s): deciding where questions post, and sometimes they post in 2 subcategories or the question can move to a different subcategory as answers are posted. YA is too big a site for human beings to monitor i24/7/365.
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