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Can you make more money selling avon in one day or doing work as a cosmetologist? Especially on a monday.?

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    4 weeks ago

    Cosmetologist would make more, especially with tips. Avon only earns big for those higher on the multi-level marketing pyramid; i.e., recruiting other sales folk. 

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    Yes, a person Could. It depends on how aggressive the person is. And what market territory they have.

    The Advantage of a Cosmetologist is that they have a wider market, easier to find clientele IF they can get employed.

    Being a Cosmetologist requires schooling or at least a specialty (health) License, and Liability Insurance.

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    Top Avon sellers probably make more, but it's a lot of hard work and a lot of time to get there.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    My friend sells Avon full time and makes very little money. If you're qualified I'd go for cosmetology.

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    My next door nieghbour sells Avon. She is fat. She smokes a lot. She smells

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