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I can't fall in love anymore!? Why???(only for weebs, nerds,etc...)?

So as you can understand from the question I can't fall in love anymore and I'm only into 2D boys. I mean I was very in love with my first anime crush (it lasted like 2 years), but I think everytime I have a new crush, my feelings become weaker and less innocent. I don't know what to do. I want to love them, I want to show them how precious they are for me, I want to cry in bed for them (I don't know why but this is my favorite part about falling in love)but I can't feel anymore and I don't know why. I'm not in love with anyone right now but I want to, since I'm feeling empty inside. What should I do???


Can't you guys read?? The question literally says that it's only for nerds and weebs, not for normies like you. So don't answer it.

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    Sure you can. "Love" is only family friendly way of saying LUST after.

    The best Love is the kind that is earned rather than chased. 

    Keep to your own business, and eventually someone will become your next target, but this time it will have a better foundation.

      Do Not Force, what should be natural attraction.

  • C T
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    1 month ago

    i suggest getting a life.

  • 1 month ago

    Time to go build him in VR mode.

  • marty
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    1 month ago

    Make an appointment with a qualified psychiatrist in your area to work out that nonsense. 

    • Seff
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      are you an ex-guitarist of megadeth marty?

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