Painting the edges of an new exterior steel door.?

I'm painting an exterior steel door different colors (inside & outside), and want to paint the edges. Besides having a flat section in the center of the edge, the front and back wrap over. Do I paint the two wraps the same as the center piece or do I paint only the flat center piece and one wrapped edge with the same color and the other wrapped the other color?

1 Answer

  • Joe
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Assuming that the door opens to the inside: paint the edge to match the indoor color.

    With the door shut, the edge may be slightly visible from the inside, and should match.  From the outside, the whole edge should be concealed by weatherstripping, and not an issue.

    You'll really only notice the edge when you're opening the door to go outside.  (And then, only briefly.)

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