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Are girls simply not attracted to guys at conservative colleges like Hillsdale and grove city?

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    Why do you ask? Are the guys there having trouble finding girlfriends or dates? Conservatives guys may be more narrow-minded in terms of their views of womens' roles in society. If they see women primarily in terms of being wives, mothers and nurses, they may have trouble relating to intelligent women with other goals.

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    They may be turned off by their black or white views, but love knows no politics. If a girl sees you and falls in love, little else matters. I'm sure many guys at those schools have GF's. The things you can do to increase odds are 1) not talk politics 2) allow people to have their own views and don't judge or force your views on them, 3) good hygene, 4) be nice, 5) be confident but no egotistical 6) go after what you want!

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    Girls who have been victims of rapefugees will be

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    Perhaps they are more serious about their studies.Β 

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