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Can you use risotto rice with a curry?

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  • Clive
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    1 month ago
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    You could, and just cook it the same way as any other rice you would have with a curry.

    The point about Italian rice (the most common varieties being arborio, carnaroli and vialone nano) is that it is slightly shorter-grained and contains more starch.  If you just boil it as for any other rice, you won't notice the difference.  Risotto is made in a totally different way with lots of stirring that releases the starch and turns it into more of a creamy porridge - just using rice suitable for risotto doesn't make a risotto.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you wash it thoroughly and toast it. You want curry rice to be fluffy, not creamy so you need to get out the starch and use less water.

  • denise
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    1 month ago

    Yes, you can, if you like.

  • carrie
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    1 month ago

    No, you really need long grain rice, 

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