am i the only one who the mental health services are not helping?

i'm hoping i get no troll answers to this, because i'm only being honest about my situation.

i'm in the predicament at the moment where the mental health services are just not giving me the help nor support i need......i have been under the mental health services half my adult life, because i've had a serious mental disorder to deal with....all in all the mental health services haven't been that great in helping me  and they aren't now.

i'm a man in my early forties, i have lived on my own for 15 years now in a flat...i have never achieved any relationships so i have no support network except my elderly mum and dad who live far...i have lived as a hermit for years living a lonely existence dealing with a personality disorder...ive been asking and asking for psychology support for years only to get told there are no resources or long waiting list for my social worker is telling me, the mental health team are wondering whether having psychology will do me more harm than good?  meaning they are not going to get me psychological support?

my social worker is a younger man than me and he makes everything sound so hopeless as if he is not trying to get me the support and services...he knows the difficult predicament i'm in,...yet it seems the mental health services are just leaving me to rot?

my mum has been on the phone to the mental health team and argued with my social worker about my difficult situation, but its as though they're not listening? 

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago
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    What else can they do for you? Pyscology is just more talking about yourself as you have you have done for  years with the mental health team. You are taking the Meds the rest is up to you to get out and make a life for yourself. There is no magic bullet, sessions with another psychiatrist only goes over the same ground. Help comes from within.  

    • i think i just need a psychologist to help me work through my difficult issues and care workers to get me out places as i'm fairly isolated now, but trying to get that now is like drawing blood from a stone, i am entitled to these services. thankyou.

  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    You're not the only one. Our mental healthcare has really gone down due to lack of funding and so many people needing care. Complain to Congress but don't expect change immediately. It is a sad situation that needs to be changed. 

  • 1 month ago

    What is your personality disorder?

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