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Should i cover up my bird's cage at night?

Should i cover my bird's cage at night? If yes whats the best thing to use, are bed sheets okay? I just got my cockatiel 3 days ago and i usually work on my computer at late hours anywhere about 8am to 3pm and sometimes i get up to get something or go to the bathroom and my cockatiel sudenly wakes up and starts freaking out, it doesn't take her too long to fall asleep again but i don't know if it bothers her alot? If it doesn't the sounds don't bother me at all even tho it's late i live in a house and i doubt my bird bothers my neighbours at that distance . I read about it alot but i just can't decide if it's a smart thing to do :/ 

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    This depends on the bird, what it is used to and your lifestyle.

    I got a bird (again, I’ve debirded three times in my life and got sucked into another rescue) last spring. She’s a Goffin Cockatoo and she does NOT like to be covered at all. The man I got her from never covered her (for five years, she was seven when she came to him from an active family life) and she was alone in an apartment most of the time so she lived with natural light/dark cycles during the day.

    Because she doesn’t like to be covered I can use that as an immediate isolating tool if she bites me (infrequent and related to food/rest).

    I did lots of reading when I got her and what I read was that birds should have totally quiet and darkness for 12 hours a day. I’m on the fence about that as that would NEVER happen in the wild (darkness would change seasonally and with the moon and in a wild environment it would never be totally quiet).

    For what you are doing I do suggest covering this bird, especially if it’s a young one, it will get used to it as part of it’s daily routine. A sheet is fine but something thicker like a blanket might be better as it will muffle noise. Be careful about circulation / heat. The changing light and noises from a computer screen might disturb the bird.

    For me, with Sofia, I have only covered her a few times after a bad bite when it was light outside. If it’s dark out I leave the room and turn out the lights. Both things socially isolate her from me and the dogs which she doesn’t like at all. And I do it only for a few minutes so she gets the idea that biting means immediate isolation.

    I do try to keep her light/dark cycles fairly regular, but she sleeps on a playstand in my bedroom and if I’m up reading I’ll have a bedside light on. My bedroom is pretty large so she’s on the opposite corner from the bedside light. She counters this by climbing under the tray on her playstand where it is dimmer (and closer to the dog bed, she LOVES my dogs...)

    The short answer is whatever works for you and the bird. At 3 days your bird is still totally new and not used to your place and routines. Now is the time to establish those routines. If your room is small and the light is bright or variable when you are working on the computer, then I’d get the bird used to a cover.

    Also, read up on food. I did lots of reading when I brought Sofia home and immediately changed her from a mostly seed diet to a mostly pellet diet with nuts and some seeds and treats. I also added fresh fruits and veges to her diet which she hadn’t been getting at all. At one point, about a month ago, I got her some foraging seed bar things and she gorged on seeds. - my bad, I wasn’t really paying attention to how much of the seed bars she was eating. After 2 extremely viscous bites on 2 consecutive days I was convinced (and had read) that the seeds were affecting her moods in a big way and ceased giving seeds even as treats for a while, she calmed right down. Now she gets organic safflower seeds, her favorites, only as a training treat.

    Keep reading and good luck with your new baby!

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    Yes, cover your bird, a bed sheet works fine. Cockateils are prone to "night frights" anyway, where they thrash around violently in their cage at night from being wakened by something. A cage cover might help. Also a night light is good to have on so the bird can orient herself and get back to her roost.

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      Thank you so much! My bird is also a rescue and she's one year old.She is pretty agressive since she used to have owner who didn't take good care of her. I really wanna do everything i can to make the bird feel safe and comfortable around me.I did my research about it! I just wasn't sure about this!

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    There's some good advice and tips here:-

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