Can companies fire people for having long big toes?

My best friend, her sister and I used to work as lifeguards until we had a new manager. Foot-inspections were a usual thing before the new guy - to make sure we wouldn't infect the pool or anything (e.g. foot fungus, verucas, etc). We would also have measurements taken of each of our toes.

The new manager brought us to a meeting where he told us that only those with long second toes would keep their jobs. Company policy stated it: 'Regarding the Feet and Toes of Employees: The length of the big toe of either foot must not meet nor exceed the length of the second toe of the same foot.'

My best friend's big toes were longer than her second toes, as were her sister's. They were both fired on the spot for 'Failing to adhere to the policy regarding feet and toes'.

I, having long second toes, could have kept my job but I decided to walk because I thought what they were doing was wrong.

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    1 month ago
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    In "At Will" states a person may be fired for no reason at all,  The limited reasons for Not firing a person are:

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    If they chopped a little bit off the ends of their big toes, do you think they'd be allowed back to work?

    I'm going to say it before Pearl comes along and suggests it: "it might be worth a try".

  • Katie
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    1 month ago

    No, it is discrimation if they do.

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