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Ferret LitterBox Training?

I am a 1st time ferret owner. I did all my research, but that’s different than actually owning one. I have 2 males. One’s 7 months old and one is 5 months old. The older one is somewhat litter box trained. As in, he won’t use the ferret litter box but he will use my cats litterbox. My younger one is not trained at all. I’ve been working with them, if I see them doing their potty dance I pick them up and put them in the box. If they miss, I pick up the accident and put it in their litter box and let them smell it. I do NOT rub their face in it.Also they are currently only allowed one level of their cage because with both levels they will refuse to use their boxes. This way, they really have no option but to use a box. Not long term, just until they get the idea of where to go. I use tidy cats 24/7 for the cats & purina yesterday’s news for the ferrets with one square high back litter pan in the cage, a triangular corner high back pan also in the cage and two storage boxes cut down and smoothed out for when they’re out for play time. Until I can get a better success rate, I have all doors shut, and 2 baby gates up and they only play in the hallway so I can see if they are slipping up and correct it as it’s happening. Any other tips ? I know this takes patience, I’m just worried I’m doing it wrong. I have 2 questions. Why does my older one use the cat box & what are some better house breaking tips for ferrets?

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