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If kids you are minding break stuff and they can't pin it on you would you tell the parents?

I took the three kids to the mall so I could meet someone for lunch. While they were in the shop opposite i heard them break something. When I checked in the shop lady questioned me if they were my children, which I was honest and said no. and left. the kids left too, and we went home. The kids weren't going to tell their mom as it probably wasn't recommend I take them out. I would think its best to leave it alone? Do you?


They weren't completely unattended. there were THREE of them - 6, 8 and maybe 11 all together I assume

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    You absolutely need to tell the parents that you not only took the children out, but left them completely unattended while you met someone for lunch.  Not that this is real.

    eta - Not completely unattended, huh?  Who did you leave in charge of them, handing over your earnings?

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