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How to tell if a Pisces is broken ?

I know this kid at school who sits alone and never really talks and looks healthy meaning no drugs or looks of self harm. The teacher made us tell other things and I got her birthday and did a little research February 23. It says they are fun and love company but she acts totally different. So is she just acting like a natural pisces or does she need a friend. I could use some help please 

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    Idk but all my friends at uni were Pisces. They are quite independent and don't need a lot of help. Also, That's were I met my so who also has the sign of Pisces (March). I like them. 

    I'm Aquarius and have a friend like you he is nice too. :)

    He is married to Sagittarius. But my uncle is feb Pisces married to Gemini too.

  • they give off a smell

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    It's because all this horoscope stuff isn't true

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