Can somebody help me with an alleged AC/DC promo video?

I was reading the Wikipedia of AC/DC on the Back In Black Album and it says that "To promote the album, music videos were filmed for the songs "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Hells Bells", the title track, "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution", "Let Me Put Love Into You", and "Shoot to Thrill". So, do you see that? It also says Shoot To Thrill. I have an AVID AC/DC video collector, I have stacks, believe me. I have NEVER, NOT ONCE SEEN a Shoot To Thrill 1980 PROMO video, EVER. Is there one? I know Let Me Put My Love Into You was never "officially" released but I have a VHS rip from tv of it. Never seen Shoot To Thrill 1980 videos.... Is there one? Or is smoke being blown?

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  • 1 month ago

    The real video clip of you shook me all night long is from 1986 for the "who made who" album, in 1980 it s only in the backstage

    • Pat4 weeks agoReport

      That is not what I was asking at all... I prefer the original 1980 PROMO instead of 1986.

  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    You do realise that anybody can edit any Wikipedia article, right? I could go to the AC/DC Wikipedia article and add "Andrew" to "Personnel" on each album, and it would remain that way until another user happened to notice the error and changed it. If the information is wrong, flag it and ask the author to provide his or her source. You can find a "Last Edited By" or "This Article Last Updated By" on every section. If you feel there's inaccurate info on the article, note that. Or, you could just open an account and contact the person who amended the article last and ask that person to explain how he or she arrived at that conclusion. Wikipedia is for lazy people who don't care whether or not the answers are truthful and accurate so long as they're quickly and easily accessible. 

    • Pat1 month agoReport

      I am not techy so I do not know how ..... Christ bless !

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