Do I move to Los Angeles??

I'm a mom of two sons (13 & 19) and my 13 year old, really wants to move to Los Angeles...He wants to become an actor, but we just can't find anything where we currently live to help him with that. He's done some shows? And maybe some extra things, but both him and I think, Los Angeles would be great for him. He and I both love it. We love the lifestyle, their is so many things to do, the weather, it's his dream to move, and I would love it too, but is it really possible? I'm a teacher living in Miami, with no financial help from their father...I live in an apartment so I'm used to that, and that's where I'd be going to if we moved, but with my circumstances, do I do it? I would move when he's going into high school, and he's in the middle of 7th grade right now, so about a year and a half...I know it's a long time in advance, but we're moving halfway across the country, and I wanna be prepared if we do it. My other son would be 21 at the time, and his girlfriend wants to move there too, so I dont know with them...but do I do it? Do I move? Do I take the risk? And will it be worth it? My son is super determined, and I just need some answers...

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    If you're divorced why not remain where you are so they can be close to their dad or other relatives.

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    If you are wondering how to move to Los Angeles, you will be happy to know that it is pretty easy. Housing options are plentiful, activities ...

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Just being in L.A isn't helpful unless he shows up with a showreel and a resume and you've managed to get the connections to have a couple of meetings set up. Unless he's wanting to do indie theater he'll need to get representation with the hopes of getting a role that'll help him obtain SAG-AFTRA destination. But TBH, there's work going on all over, including in Miami... So if he can't work enough there to put a showreel together he's not going to stand much of a chance in L.A. He should max out Miami, Atlanta, Wilmington, New Orleans, Houston and all the other more local production hotspots before he ventures out here. This is how you're going to make those connections to be able to get him an agent when and if you do move him the west coast.

  • 1 month ago

    MOM as a SCHOOL TEACHER moving from Miami to Los Angeles is not half way across the country unless you include Hawaii.

    Thousands try to enter the profession. The best a select few get be the professionals.

    Just having lots of stuff to do means what? Of course you have an unlimited budget.

    Moving will cost about $5,000 per person when you add up the various one time expenses. Lots of stuff needs to paid for BEFORE that first pay comes from the New to you Job.

    A school teacher should have better spelling to have a better chance of being employed THERE.

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  • 1 month ago

    I find it hard to believe that there aren't acting opportunities for your son in Miami?  In Miami he'd have less competition than he would in LA, better to be the big fish in a small pond than one of 1000s of smaller fish in a huge pond.  I'd talk to a talent agent in Miami for advice.  Here's one with offices in LA and Miami -

    LA will have a significantly higher cost of living than Miami.  You should line up a job before you move.  Then look at what it will cost to rent an apartment in the area where your job is located.  Can you afford it?  Do you have all the necessary credentials to be a teach in California?

    • Brandy1 month agoReport

      If you search hard enough, it really isn't that bad to find a nice apartment for around that price, I've found several 3 bedrooms, for 1700 in nice neighborhoods.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would if thats what you want to do

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