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What are some of your favourite series?

I just finished watching Atypical and Flash. Now, I have nothing else to watch. What are some of your favourite comedy, fantasy/superhero, teenage/YA series?

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    1) Go watch the entire MCU.  It's a movie series, but it's a series at this point.

    2) I have fond memories as a kid of Misfits of Science.  I bet it would not age well.

    3) Supergirl wasn't bad through the first season and a half, and in fact was very Flash-like.  But OMG, the train wreck that follows that is unwatchable garbage.

    4) Arrow of course.

    5) Have you tried iZombie.  Not quite superhero, but has superhero like elements.

    6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Technically a horror parody/drama, but Buffy was BASICALLY a superhero, and this was SO funny.  Far more than Flash.  And more dramatic.  It's a bit of a slow starter, so try to power through to mid season 2 if you don't like the start.  That's when it goes from being okay to a series that every superhero show copies...including Flash.  And if you like it, watch Angel, it's spinoff.  This is the best thing on my list.

    7) Luke Cage/Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Punisher - These are all good, but they do NOT lean on the comedy.  And they're grittier.  But don't watch Iron Fist or Defenders in the Netflixverse.  They're awful.

    8) Smallville - This is the show Supergirl should have been.  She was a teen in the comics and her show should have been a high school coming of age deal.  Smallville wasn't great though, and after the guy playing Lex Luthor leaves, you can just stop watching because the show starts a prolonged freefall after that.  The lead actor is terrible, and the female love interest is terrible, but it's superhero, many of the supporting actors and actresses (Chloe and Lex) do great work, and the easter eggs are many.  Just, whatever you do, don't google what Chloe's actress, Allison Mack was up to after she left the show.  I SAID DON'T LOOK!  It's bad.  It's really bad.

    9) The Tick live action on Amazon is good.  It's a little slow starting, but once it picks up speed it's actually very good.

    10) Arguably not superhero, but try Future Man or Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Hulu.  Both are hilarious...though Future Man may be a little racy for teen/YA.

    11) If you can handle adult themes, The Boys on Amazon was awesome.  But I'm not kidding about the adult themes.  This is not for kids.  Neither is Preacher on AMC.

    12) Remember the show Heroes.  Not funny, but VERY good ... for one season.  Unfortunately it kept going beyond that one season and got worse every year.  You can MAYBE watch season 2 if you're desperate.  But I recommend stopping after one season.

    13) Ready to go back in time?  Greatest American Hero actually wasn't bad.  Campy as crap, to be sure, but it was self-aware camp.

    14) Dark Angel wasn't bad with Jessica Alba.  I mean, it wasn't great, but it had potential.

    15) Kyle XY wasn't bad, and it was VERY teen/YA friendly.

    16) Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me were not superhero exactly, but they had superhero elements and were fun and comedic and light and I loved them.  Pushing Daisies had a bit of that too.

    17) American Gods is not superheroes, but it is fantasy and it's not comedic at all, but it's good and I like it.

    18) Supernatural should not be watched past when the first longrunning plot ends.  After that, it jumps the shark, but I would argue it's sort of superhero-y.

    19) True Blood is VERY not teen/YA friendly, but monsters and fantasy critters galore.  And while it was very uneven it definitely had lots of good moments.

    20) Misfits is not comedy, but very creative and original superhero type content.

    21) No Ordinary Family didn't last long, but it was funny in spots, and teen/YA friendly.

    22) Lucifer is quite funny.  Not exactly superhero, but good for awhile.  Until Tom Welling.  Ugh.

    23) Alphas was a bit ... I dunno, it felt like an unpolished semi-precious stone.  Like there was some good there, but they didn't quite know how to make it actually good.

    24) Alias is so fantastical it's basically superhero.  I mean it's technically a spy fantasy, but it's out there.

    25) Grimm was not one I was fond of, but if I say Buffy was a superhero, it's hard not to say this was too.

    26) Being Human (UK or US) wasn't superhero, but it was fantasy.  Not a comedy.

    27) Ash vs Evil Dead - Did you like Army of Darkness?  Well, this is like that only not as good!

    28) Briscoe County Jr.  Not technically superhero, but basically.  And very fantasy and quite funny.

    29) Umbrella Academy on Netflix was good.  Was is funny?  I mean, it had moments where it was. 

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    Well, there are two different versions of the Flash.  A cool live-action Hulk series.  Super Force, Lois and Clark, Superboy, Smallville, Wonder Woman, and the Generation X movie (1986).  

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    Old tv series : Love boat, Gillian's island, the monkeys, The Brady bunch, green hornet,

    batman, Lost in space, the rifleman, the

    Wild Wild West, bah bah black sheep, the

    Secrets of ISIS, the great American hero,

    Life according to Jim, tool time, Tarzan,

    Johnny Carson, Saturday night live with

    John Belushi, .... The old stuff is much

    Better than the new stuff.

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    Sons of Anarchy

    The Mayans

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    i love bojack horseman and trailer park boys . those are my favorites. high maitnence is prett good too.

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