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Will WWE ever have an openly gay champion?

His catchphrase should be a take on John Cena’s famous one. “The champ is queer!”

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    grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It will never happen they have LGBT performers but one where they openly express it and become party of their character it will never happen

  • NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler is Bisexual.

    Former WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan is Gay.

    Former WWE Tag Team Champion Darren Young is Gay.

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    Yes they will, hopefully asap. NJPW had openly bisexual champion Kenny Omega. DDT had Danshuko Dino and he is gay also. He does not like boobies. He likes penuses. I think that is great and we should all support him

    • Hector4 weeks agoReport

      Yes I am aware he is no longer with njpw. I also enjoyed the lights out match. I hope he becomes aew first ever openly bisexual champion asap

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    TNA kind of did a lesbian relationship between Tara and Madison Rayne back in the day. Madison was champ at one point and they were both tag team champs. Neither came out and said they were gay or a bi couple though. It was just implied. Tara was Madisons gimp/body guard. She'd ride in on her Motorcycle wearing gimpy latex escorting Madison. Madison would also make Tara hold the ropes open for her and make Tara kiss her before the match. Tara would get yelled at by Madison but would protect her while the Knockouts in TNA ripped her to pieces. Sort of a sub/dom thing where Madison owned Tara's vagina/booty hole/soul. It didnt pan out since fans lost respect for Tara and ended up liking Madison. They dumped Tara and gave Madison a push. TNA did it more for sexiness and ratings than political correctness though. Also they held back a lot. WWE will get there, but they dont need it at this exact time for ratings or political correctness. Maybe another year or two. I dont have a problem with it honestly.

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    Maybe eventually.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It will happen with a female first.

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