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Any opinions on how good Kenmore refrigerators might be?

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    Kenmore appliances have always been good value for the price. There is no reason at all not to buy one.

    Kenmore does not manufacture its appliances. They have them made by someone else and put the Kenmore name on. It could actually be made by Whirlpool, Panasonic, LG, or some other manufacturer. Which one that is can change from year to year and from appliance to appliance. However, keep this in mind: no refrigerator sold today is likely to last more than 12 years (and maybe not even that long) regardless of whether it's an expensive one or a cheap one and no matter what brand it is.

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    9 months ago

    So now you know that Kenmore is just built by another with the name slapped on it. New refrigerators, new appliances are hit or miss no a days. Past performance of a certain maker does not predict current or future. The stamped aluminum used now is much thinner then it once once, leaving evaporators prone to micro leaks now. The more bells and whistle, high efficiency, sensor and computer controlled they have become. The more unreliable and the more difficult to fix they have become. Basically, it's crap shoot now a days, you either get a $3000.00 lemon, or you don't, No rhythm or reason to it.

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    Back in the 1980s, they were some of the very best. Lately they're no better than any of the others and worse than some.  As others have noted, Kenmore is not a manufacturer per se, but a brand.  Their stuff is manufactured by other builders.  Often you can find that the Kenmore model you're looking at is a mid-tier model from some other manufacturer's offerings from last year, a solid performer with not quite as many frills...and that's where the strength lies.

    My recommendation: get the fridge that has the fewest features possible. The less add-on junk it has, the less there is to go wrong.

    You don't need a water dispenser. You don't need an ice dispenser. Each of these features has several parts that can go wrong and sharply cut into your enjoyment of the fridge while not actually affecting its function as a fridge - so rather than put yourself in the path of an eventual failure (because all manmade things break eventually), why not skip them? It won't kill you or anyone else to grab their own ice. It won't kill you to get your water from the tap (unless you live in Flint MI).

    The same goes for all brands. My own Fridge is, in fact, a Kenmore and I bought it new in 1999. It's hanging on. It's needed a new evaporator fan and a new break-on-rise switch (related to the defroster system), but those were easy enough to do myself. It has an automatic icemaker and that's all.

    Good luck with it.

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    they are made by one of the leading brands in the same factory as the name brand product. Kenmore brand gets new features a year or two after the name brand, but is usually priced lower. there's an outlet store of some type in your area that sells 'scratch and dent' but new and functioning units -- you just have to find it

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    Remember large appliances made prior to 1960 were built to last.

    Modern appliances are designed to need replacement after 10± years  (5 years according to the IRS depreciation rule, which is quite annoying to see serviceable equipment being tossed to buy new, just to keep the industries going. This is also used by insurance companies to reduce replacement payments in some cases.)

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