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Will he have to go through customs each time he has a layover in another city?

My boyfriend is coming to NY from Australia in 10 days on the Visa waiver program! It's his first time flying an I've never flown before. He goes from Melbourne to LA, LA to Washington DC, then from there to NY. We know he'll be questioned by customs agents and go through security. We just don't know if he'll go through customs for each layover. Can anyone help me on this and also give any tips on how he can make sure he has enough time and doesn't miss flights? They don't give them much time. 

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    Customs only at the first entry point into the USA. 

    Customs only applies between different countries, not within the same country.

    The only way to make sure you have enough time between flights is to book flights with enough time scheduled between them, and then hope your arriving plane arrives on time. They usually do. If it doesn't, and he misses a connection because of it, he needs to find an airline representative who can sort out another ongoing flight for him. Ask anyone wearing the airline's uniform.

    Between flights, if he doesn't leave the secure area--and you can't do that by mistake unless you never look where you're going because they have big signs saying YOU ARE LEAVING SECURE AREA--then all he has to do is look at his boarding pass to find what gate the next flight leaves from, and go there immediately even if the flight doesn't leave for 2 hours. That way, he knows where it is if he wants to slope off and buy lunch and come back later. Airports have lots of signs, and maps here and there, and people of whom one can ask questions like 'where do I go now?'

    If he does leave the secure area, it may take him an extra half hour to an hour to get back into it.

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      As for proof of support, they are unlikely to ask but if they do all he need do is present a credit card.  That should cover it.

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    He will go through passport control and customs in Los Angeles only. The other flights are domestic and don't involve customs.

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    He only will go thru Customs/Immigration when entering the US. He may have to go thru security with every plane transfer as you or I would do.

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    customs just at the entry point at LA .. however there will still be security checks if you leave the secured area then return ..

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