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why do scientists continue to insist the tasmanian tiger is extinct when it's common knowledge they're alive and well in austrialia?

the past decades have produced hundreds of eyewitness sightings of tasmanian tigers living in the australian bush. sometimes entire colonies of thylicines are seen roaming together. and the advent of video cameras and phone cameras have provided dozens of unmistakable videos of living tasmanian tigers proving conclusively the species is still alive.

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    A witness statement could be classed as hearsay. I can show you pics of a hare that look just like hare but may actually be rabbits. The camera can lie. Someone needs to bring one in on the back of his pickup. Then and only then will we have proof. I do know how you feel as I have seen pics myself that look as near as damn it but we still must have solid in your face proof before we can change the record.

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    You can disprove any scientist by providing concrete evidence that the Tasmanian tiger is still alive. The best evidence is a live one.This species is presumed to be extinct, because no one has seen one or captured one for  a long time. Scientists cannot prove the negative, meaning we cannot prove that any species is no longer in existence. Nevertheless, if no one has seen or found one after many decades of searching for one, then it is presumed to be extinct.  Everything in science is provisional, meaning it can be disproved by evidence. So far no one has provided any evidence that the Tasmanian tiger is alive.

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    I notice that, out of all these thousands, you produce no clear (or unclear) photos to back up your assertion.

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    When they can have a specimen in hand to examine to genetics,,THAT is proof.

    "I saw" is no proof of anything. A photo or video that "LOOKS LIKE" proves nothing.

    With all these cats roaming the down under, why are none ever caught or captured.

    The last known specimen of  Thylacine died in a London zoo in 1931

    Two others in Australian zoo were mis identified.

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    The animals of that area of the world were not well understood by western biology and zoology and taxonomy, and the best example is when the aborigines has to physically lead British and French scientists to a platypus nest during their mating season to acquire physical proof to back up the egg laying mammal claim, as well as the nipple-less nursing. People are ignorant and dumb and the masses sometimes can't be sueded based on a common belief they accept as fact and absolute. It's a lot easier to dismiss something when a majority disagree, thanks to pack mentally, herd behavior, conformity, and peer pressure all wrapped in a blanket of elective ignorance. But to play devils advocate for a second, with today's technology, it is possible to CGI the animal into a video then lower the definition,detail, and number of pixels until the end result appears as though a real event was caught by a cellphone camera, that happened to be just enough out of focus to pass as plausible. Admitting you are wrong is tough sometimes. Admitting that everyone else is as well, while being part of the mob can be very very hard. Especially when its easier to dismiss it because its half way around the world and you can't see it right now but you know there are people who have been there and say they are extinct. Knowledge of the unknown to the individual is gained by others. But what if those others are all incorrect, but maintain their stand because everyone else is...? yell HOAX!! And its dismissed by the masses who depend on their collective acceptance of knowledge

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    Common knowledge doesn't give us video proof. Sorry.

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    Don't expect their lists to get anything right.

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    Another ridiculous, pointless question.  Who are these "scientists" ?  Why don't you ask THEM about it?  Asking the world at large for the reasons of these "scientists" is not only stupid but quite meaningless.  I think that you do not know what you are talking about.  Carry on trolling.

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