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How to bunny proof my room?

I got a bunny about a week ago and as he has become more comfortable he has gotten more confident and more nippy with things around him. He has eaten my stuffed animal, chewed my boyfriends shoes, and has tried to chew my boyfriends head phones. I try to leave boxes and balls out for him to play with but he doesnt seem interested. 

Also, my bed is on the floor so the bunny goes on the bed and nibbles the pillows! How do I stop this?

Also, what's the cheapeat and best way to bunny proof a bedroom? 

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    When our daughter visited for Christmas and couldn't get a bunny sitter, she brought her bunny proofing supplies. It was easier than we'd feared.

    Instead of covering everything the bunny might chew with a protective cover or spray, she brought wire grid shelves like these: https://images.app.goo.gl/j6yU3WtiiiYZmdRa7 They're too high for the bunny to hop out but easy for humans to step over. We set it up so the bunny had a large area in the living room, his pen in one corner, and a smaller area in the dining room. It was far enough from electrical cords, furniture, books, the Christmas tree, etc. that no amount of stretching let the bunny nibble on anything that could hurt him, or hurt the thing. He had lots of attention and plenty of toys, too, of course.

    Our daughter was a student at the time and moved every fall, but she was always able to make a new pen to keep her bunny safe.

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    release the bunny and buy a real pet, such as a dog.

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    Adopt a greyhound...

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    For the safety of your property and the safety of your bunny's, get a large exercise pen to house him in and fill it with rabbit safe chew toys, boxes and tunnels.  Also, rabbits love peeing on beds and soft furniture including blankets and clothes so watch out!  :-)

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    I have 2 mini lops (2 and 3 years old) so I would say I know a bit about looking after bun buns :)

    Also, sorry I accidentally did bunny proofing for the whole house but you get the point.

    Put everything like stuffed animals up high, maybe on a shelf. 

    Use cord covers like flex tubes.

    Protect the baseboards by using plastic covers.

    Use baby gates if you don’t want your bunny to get into certain rooms.

     Put bunny toys on the ground to distract him from the other things that he could possibly chew.

    Spray apple spray on wooden furniture, bunnies don’t like the taste of it and will stop biting on the furniture.

    Place houseplants put of reach from the bunny.

    Keep food out of reach too.

    Block off fireplaces etc

    Use the playpen if you really need to.

    Hope this helped and have fun with your new bunny!

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    Roasted rabbit taste good.

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